If I had the license to own a machine gun and a cannon I would, and I would have those instruments ready to defend the Constitution with my last breath if I had to!!

some guy on my Facebook feed who thinks he can use a personal cannon to defend the Constitution

The Chili Appreciation Society International specified in 1999 that, among other things, cooks are forbidden to include beans, marinate any meats, or discharge firearms in the preparation of chili for official competition.

From the Controversy over ingredients section in the Chili con carne Wikipedia entry.
  • Source: Wikipedia

This isn’t a shopping blog, but I want to highlight Marco’s fantastic breakdown of the current state of LED bulb shopping. I think a lot of us agree that it’s time to start incorporating low wattage bulbs in our household lighting fixtures, for economic and environmental reasons. But it’s really hard figuring out which of these new expensive bulbs are actually any good. You can’t really figure it out at the hardware store, and the usual internet sources are useless for this type of stuff. My advice: let Marco do the hard work of comparing all these bulbs, and just go with his recommendation. I can honestly say I’ve never gone wrong with buying a Marco Arment recommended product.

In some ways, the Toronto International Film Festival has been my home as an independent film producer. Of the ten films I’ve produced, five premiered at Toronto, including my first film ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE. Of those five, three premiered in the Midnight Madness section of the festival.

I honestly think that the Midnight Madness section of TIFF, currently programmed by Colin Geddes, is the best place in the world to premiere an independent horror film. If you ever have a chance to attend TIFF, make sure you get over to the Ryerson Theatre at midnight each night to see what craziness Colin has in store for you that year.

To explore this year’s Midnight Madness line-up, I recommend reading Drew McWeeny’s excellent breakdown.