The Magazine

My favorite people are contrarian makers. We all have moments where we realize the world isn’t quite the shape it should be. Most people grumble and deal with it, but the contrarian makers actually do something about it. They roll up their sleeves and start changing the world. They’re not satisfied figuring out how to win within a broken system, they want to figure out a better way to do things. For the contrarian maker, “good enough” isn’t just not good enough, it’s a challenge to make something better.

One of my favorite contrarian makers has been holed up in his home office with a computer full of text-editing software, a brain full of contrarian thoughts, and a belly full of high-quality coffee; and today Marco Arment wants to show us an example of what he thinks modern magazines could become.

Marco can explain his new publishing initiative better than me, so head on over to his site for the full breakdown.